Executive Team & Key Staff


John Ware, President

John joined IFC in 1967 and was the first employee hired by the two founding partners. John has led the company in continual growth for over 40 years. John's approach has always relied heavily on perfection, integrity, and managed growth. John, like so many IFC employees, is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Melissa Groves, Office Manager

Melissa Groves is the Office Manager at International Fulfillment Corporation. Melissa is a self-motivated, highly organized, and versatile individual. She has experience in administration as well as customer service since 1991. Before joining IFC, Melissa carried the primary responsibility of overseeing administrative aspects of eight retail sales outlets in the Washington, DC area.

Erik Berndt, Production Manager

Erik J. Berndt has been a part of the IFC team since 1999. Erik became a manager in January of 2001 after completing his undergraduate work in Finance and Accounting at University of Maryland. His current duties include working hand in hand with our customers in controlling their daily production and serving as their main point of contact. Erik is also responsible for helping to oversee the entire flow of materials on the IFC production floor.

Eric Coles, Data Services

Eric joined the IFC Team in 2001. Before joining IFC, Eric worked for several years at NRB Industries as a computer programmer and database administrator. Eric received his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, College Park. Eric is directly involved with all aspects of the data services and web applications provided by IFC.