International Fulfillment Corporation (IFC) is a privately held organization whose core business is fulfillment and mailing. Our primary operation is located in Brentwood, Maryland, adjacent to the border of NE Washington, DC. IFC operates approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of neat and organized office and warehouse space.

IFC was founded in 1967 to provide mailing and fulfillment services to businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations in the Baltimore / Washington metropolitan area. With our extensive experience and industry knowledge IFC has distinguished itself as a comprehensive service provider to many prestigious business, nonprofit and government organizations. IFC has been managed by controlled growth with a constant focus on unequaled quality and attention to detail. It is our mission:

To provide intelligent guidance and unparalleled support for our clients.

Maintaining a high quality service environment, controlling business expansion, constantly re-evaluating and improving all facets of customer service are critical ingredients to IFC's business success over the last forty years. Establishing a close relationship with its clients is a priority for IFC. Taking care of--and openly communicating with--clients takes precedence over all else.

Significant financial and human resources have been committed in state-of-the-art technology to ensure business systems are in place to maximize productivity and efficiency. IFC strongly believes in an environment of trust, openness and respect. This is made possible by hiring technically competent people and providing them with the resources and responsibilities to manage the work they are assigned.

The value received for the services provided encompasses many indirect services you will not find elsewhere. IFC staff is rewarded for developing ideas that save time and money. IFC delivers peak performance within its niche. Commitment to client satisfaction, specialization, focus and technical excellence are recognized as qualities which separate IFC from other companies who provide similar services. Taking all this into consideration, IFC represents an outstanding long-term value to all its clients.

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